Which mythical creature are you?

I have just taken a quiz on the Internet to find out which mythological creature I might be. The quiz consisted of answering some questions on my preferred kind of food, ideal location to live, who I considered to be a hero, my favorite book, among other things. The options were given, a multiple-choice kind of quiz.

I found out I’m a unicorn.

I can’t say I’m entirely happy with the result, but I guess things could be worse. Fortunately, I’m not a hydra. So I decided to search the internet for more information on my newly-found self hoping to reconcile it with the image I have had of myself so far. Were there any consistencies between the two? Indeed there were.


I learned for example that although present in the mythologies of many peoples, including a reference to it in the Bible, a unicorn is not an element of the Greek mythology, but a creature referenced in their natural sciences instead.  Therefore I was very happy to realize that, at least to some people, I might feel more real. Also, the picture I had  in my mind of a unicorn as a white horse with a horn in the middle of the forehead is not entirely correct, this is more of a concept born in the Middle Ages. Before then, the unicorn was actually considered a darker figure, more of a monster really, a cross between a horse and a goat, and could come in different colors. Key words: cross, goat and and a variety of colors (like the iPod Mini). Good! Now these are more familiar, as I’m a Capricorn (usually represented by a goat), and a typical Brazilian crossbreed, with all races and colors mixed into the pot. Things are getting more consistent, the pieces of the puzzle are falling together.

I also enjoyed to know that the unicorn is usually thought of as a graceful and peaceful creature, and that the horn is supposed to work as an antidote against all kinds of poison. Yes, I do see myself as a problem-solver and a healer of other people’s wounds. It’s all going great so far.

Towards the end of my research, however, it came as a bit of a shock to find out that a unicorn can also be a metaphor for a woman’s orgasm: a lot harder to come by than a man’s! I guess the lesson is I need to see myself, from now on, as a refined pleasure, and not always available.

I hope I will learn to live with the discovery of my real nature going forward. It will take some time to get fully used to it, but I’m sure I will settle down eventually.

What about you? Find out what mythical creature you are by taking this quiz:


Don’t forget to let us know the answer.

Au revoir,

Jorge Sette.


2 thoughts on “Which mythical creature are you?

  1. You know what? Besides being a really intelligent and sensitive person, very good at dealing with words, I´d say your best description is, as you wrote: a refined pleasure, and not always available. What an awesome definition of such a wonderful person, a true healer and supporter (or should I say helper? or maybe a backer?? all of them apply to you). Well, it´s amazing to be in touch with you again and read your ideas and impressions. So, thanks for sharing. Thanks for being you.


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