Jorge Sette

Blog Linguagem: for those who love books, art, movies, TV shows, marketing, edtech and language learning.

Jorge Sette (MA in Applied Linguistics, PUC – São Paulo; MBA from ESPM – São Paulo) uses this blog to express his passion for books, movies, art, marketing, language learning, and new technologies. Jorge speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. He lives in Vila Madalena, São Paulo, Brazil.

Jorge Sette (MA em Linguística Aplicada ao Ensino de Línguas, PUC  – São Paulo; MBA from ESPM – São Paulo) usa esse blog como veículo para expressar seu prazer em discutir  temas relacionados a livros, filmes, arte, marketing, aprendizagem de línguas estrangeiras,  e novas tecnologias. Jorge fala inglês, espanhol e português.  Mora na Vila Madalena, em São Paulo, Brasil.

Target audience: book and movie lovers, marketers,  language learners, teachers, authors, publishers, etc. Or anyone interested in Art. And you!

Público-alvo: amantes de literatura e filmes, alunos, professores, autores, editores e todos aqueles que gostem de conversar sobre aprendizagem de línguas estrangeiras, arte, cultura… E você!

Contact me: jorge.sette@terra.com.br

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Twitter: @jorgesette7 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jorgesettewriter/

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jorgesette

21 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m the “…interested in Art. And you!” viewer and fellow-blogger. When I was a child, my mother taught Spanish for many years. At 78, she now enjoys giving private Italian lessons. I remember bits and pieces of my high school Spanish… At this point in my life I focus on ‘arting’ and writing fantasy for the YA and MR markets (hoping to get published one day like millions of other aspiring writers). Nice meeting you and I look forward to perusing your blog.


  2. Hi Jorge,

    We are publishers in Canada and we can get your books onto the iBookstore and in the libraries of USA, Canada and UK. If interested in a wider audience let us know.

    We publish ESL materials only.


    James Kim


    • Hi, James, thanks for the offer. I will have to go through the small print of my contract with AMAZON.COM to find out if this is possible. Do you know anything about it?


  3. Hi Jorge,
    I was going through my LinkedIn contacts and found the link to your blog. As a fellow teacher and author, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to more!


  4. Hello Jorge, I am 81 and I study English, I realliy love this language. I found your blog very interesting because I´m interested in Art too.


  5. Hello Jorge, I am 81 and I study English, I really love this language. I found your blog very interesting because I´m interested in Art too.


  6. I tried very hard to reach and purchase your books but now they are not available on Amazon.
    How can I get them or how can i contact you?


    • Hello. Thanks for the message. Which Amazon do you have an account for? They should be available from their Kindle Store. Just enter my name in their site search engine Jorge Sette, and it will take you to the page where all my books are. They are ebooks not print. Please let me know if you had any problem. We can communicate via this channel. Thanks. Remember you need to have the Kindle app installed on your device (free) to be able to download the ebooks.


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